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THE LIVING AND THE DEAD invade comics:

Speakeasy Comics has announced that it will release the original horror graphic novel THE LIVING AND THE DEAD in October. Written by busy Todd Livingston and Robert Tinnell, creators of THE BLACK FOREST and THE WICKED WEST, and drawn by Micah Farritor, the book is set in the 19th century and focuses on a doctor living a tranquil life with his loving family in the country—until a dark deed from his past manifests in the present, the the form of a vicious murderer. Only be revealing his terrible secret and risking losing his family can he stop the evil.

The 128-page book, which will have a cover price of $14.99, is currently previewed with an on-line trailer and the first 11 pages at www.thelivingandthedead.com. “It has become a tradition with us to create on-line trailers for our books,” Tinnell says. “I can’t quantify how well they work as sales tools, but they are a lot of fun to put together. We’re extra-lucky; not only does Andy Kubiszewski always jump up to deliver brilliant music—Andy was in Stabbing Westward among other bands and currently scores several television shows—but our letterer/art director, Mike Anderson, is pretty gifted with Flash. We wanted a trailer that played like one of those cool ones you’d see for foreign-language films—and boy, did he deliver.”

Livingston adds, “We’re particularly excited by David J. [HOLLYWOOD GOTHIC] Skal writing the afterword for the book! It’s a real honor and adds to the package immeasurably.”

Tinnell also has THE FACELESS: A TERRY SHARP STORY coming this month from Image; see Fango #246, on sale this month, for a Monster Invasion story. And check out this site tomorrow for more exciting Tinnell news! —Michael Gingold

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