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Name: Matt

Location: Seattle

age: 30

favorite zombie movie: Plague of the Zombies

favorite slasher movie: I don't really like slasher films. How about American Psycho. Or better yet, the giallos informed the American slasher film. So make that Suspiria instead.

favorite supernatural movie: The original Haunting or The Uninvited (it alternates)

favorite occult movie : Night of the Demon (not to be confused with Night of the Demons which is also good)

favorite vampire movie: I realized at this question that I don't own many vampire films. My thoughts on this are that vampire films are often so hokey. I guess The Lost Boys. It's hard to beat 80's bloodsuckers.

favorite character in a horror movie: This is a toughy. Julian Karswell from Night of the Demon springs immediately to mind. But so do Peter Cushing from the Hammer Dracula and Frankenstein franchises as well as Vincent Price from Masque of the Red Death.

favorite director in a horror movie: Mario Bava, hands down.

I'll post pics soon. I'm still kind of getting the hang of this place.
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